What's in your cup?

Premium CBD in each cup

To do our heavenly tea blends justice, we only infuse them with the best CBD around. After all, it’s our hero ingredient. 

Our CBD teas are the culmination of four years exhaustive research and development. We wanted to get the process and the final product right. The result? Premium quality, broad spectrum CBD that is flavourless and fully water-soluble. 

Our CBD is independently lab-tested and fully certified too, so we promise you can trust your cup. 

Each Four Twentea box has 140 mg of CBD, that’s a hefty 10 mg per tea bag.

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What is broad-spectrum CBD?

Broad-spectrum CBD contains all the wonderful naturally occurring compounds from the cannabis plant, but no tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) – so won't get you high. In short, you get all the cannabis plant’s benefits, minus the psychoactive part. All the good stuff, none of the trippy stuff. Many CBD brands only use CBD isolate which doesn’t contain those all-important cannabinoids and flavonoids. At FourTwentea, you get the broad-spectrum CBD-experience.

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The best ingredients

Extracted from non-GMO, organic cannabis plants. Our CBD is THC-free, broad-spectrum, containing no heavy metals or pesticides.

High bioavailability

That means you get all the good stuff! You’ll find a generous, 10mg of active water-soluble CBD per tea bag. That’s stronger than any other major UK CBD tea brand.

You can trust our teas

Our CBD is independently lab-tested while Four Twentea is proudly regulated by the British Food Standards Agency and the European Industrial Hemp Association.

What dose should I take (or sip)?

We’re here to help you simply sip away your stresses. Unlike fussing with fiddly drops, Four Twentea makes it effortless for you to take and maintain a regular CBD dose. 

If you’re new to the CBD-infused tea universe allow us to demystify things for you. 

Because everyone’s tolerance is different, we recommend you start your CBD journey two ways; low and slow. That’s around 20mg a day. Since each Four Twentea teabag contains around 10mg of CBD per cup, we advise drinking two cups a day to begin. 

Feel free to adjust over a period of a few weeks until you hit your sweet spot.

For maximum flavour, infuse our CBD teas for four minutes in freshly-drawn boiled water. 

The Food Standards Agency warns against taking any more than 70mg of CBD per day.


As a product manufacturer we adhere to certain laws and cannot make any medical or health claims about the effectiveness of our CBD tea. We do, however, recommend undertaking your own research when starting to take CBD.

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