The Four Twentea Philosophy

Quite simply we believe that taking CBD should be stress-free. After all, that’s partly why you’re taking it! No fussing with drops, just calming goodness, wrapped up in a comforting infusion.

From our lively Naughtea bursting with ginger and turmeric, to our deeply calming honey bush and valerian Tranquilitea, our CBD-infused teas are expertly blended with a mood and time of day in mind.

Better value than most CBD oils, why not slip Four Twentea into your daily routine and sip yourself into bliss? 

bright orange mug
Jemma Harrison, Four Twentea founder with her CBD teabags

A note from our founder

“As a busy private chef there are two things, I’m an expert in: flavours… and stress! After I started to take CBD oils for relaxation and anxiety, I felt the benefits but found the dosing really confusing and I definitely didn’t like the taste.

Then I had an ‘aha!’ moment.

Why not combine quality, flavourless CBD with my favourite drink and make it something I love doing every day? (Sitting down with a great cuppa)

So, I set to work to get the perfect blends using the finest ingredients and premium quality CBD. Working together with a wonderful Sri Lankan tea blender, we handpicked extraordinary, ethically sourced teas from India, South America, Egypt, China, Kenya and South Africa to blend with flavourless, water-soluble CBD.

I founded Four Twentea in 2018 with a mission to celebrate the powers of CBD, by making it easy to take and something to look forward to. Raise your cup and welcome the wonder of Four Twentea into your life!”

Four Twentea Founder

cannabis plant with purple hue

What’s in the name?

At Four Twentea it’s always time for tea. 

Quite literally. 

4:20 is known around the world as the time (and also the date - 20th of April) to celebrate the cannabis plant. Our name pays homage to marvellous hemp and its abundance of awesome benefits.

For the Earth

photos of all four blends of Four Twentea CBD tea just the teabags with ingredients and tea inside. To highlight they are plant based and compostable

So your CBD teabag will return to the nature from whence it came, it’s made from plant-based materials which are 100% biodegradable and compostable. Even our tiny tea tags, envelopes and packaging are fully recyclable.

image showing two logos for the Woodland Trust and Trillion Trees, which are the two charities that Four twentea donate 10% of profits to.

We love the environment and want to preserve it for future generations. That’s why we donate 10% of our profits to UK tree conservation charity The Woodland Trust and Trillion Trees, an initiative that restores forests internationally.

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